Gastronomic Trips

“Move as far as you can, as much as you can, cross the ocean or just a river, walk in someone else's shoes, or at least eat their food, open your mind, get up of the couch, move” - Anthony Bourdain

When we started thinking about the Degustatio project, the main ideas and our philosophy were very clear, we knew that it was a crazy, risky and ambitious project but for me there are no better projects than projects with such qualities.
Our main goals were: travel the world with our kitchen and be able to create a cultural exchange and a real connection, offer new flavors, excellent quality ingredients to reach the palates and the hearts of people and generate jobs for chefs here and abroad.
I must say that we have achieved much from the beginning until now and we are very grateful and motivated by this. But let's go to the point of travel and cultural exchange. Yes, we have traveled a lot since November 2016 until now and each journey has been a great experience.
With our Degustatio caravan, we have toured a large part of the Czech Republic, among many other places, we have been to Olomouc, Prague, Hlucin, Uhersky Brod, Brno, Celadna, Roznov, Frenstat Pod Radhostem, Ostrava, Telc, Bohuslavice, Uherske Hradiste, Velka Bystrice, Ostravice, Zlin and many others and each of them was an incredible experience.
But we haven´t cooked in and visited only the Czech Republic, the list of countries we have visited has extended a lot since 2016: Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, France, London, Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland, Qatar, and India are already part of this crazy project and seeing today what we have accomplished in such a short space of time fills me with pride and happiness and I believe we have enough motivation to keep going and be able to fulfill all of our dreams.
We have got to know other cultures, other ways of eating and thinking, we have traveled a lot, visited farms, meat factories, beer factories, wineries and tasted much of the traditional Czech and central European cuisine, wonderful Italian and Spanish cuisine that are some of my favorites and the so expressive, colorful and so unique cuisine of India. I had the pleasure of cooking with the freshest and purest ingredients along the Croatian coast and enjoyed the delightful cakes of Pierre Herme in Paris. We have learned so much, we have collected a lot of information and we want to share it with anyone who is open to receive it. Our way of sharing is by cooking for you.
We invite you to be part of this amazing journey with us. I am personally intrigued to discover where this Degustatio inspiration will take us …

- Chef Vanina Alonso

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